My favorite D&D spell — Phantasmal Killer

For a little Monday fun, what's your favorite spell/weapon/tool in an RPG? Doesn't have to be D&D, but since that's the only one I played, mine comes from there.

My favorite character was Anya (strangely enough, I didn't start Buffy until after naming her), a half-elf/half-human battle sorceress. If you're not familiar with the class, a battle sorcerer/ess is a variant of sorcerer who knows fewer spells than a regular sorcerer but has much better battle skills.

The spell was:

Phantasmal Killer(PH p260)

<Ill(phantasm)[fear][mind], VS, 1StdAct, Mediumrange,

WillDisbelief, SR applies>

– The targeted creature sees its worst fear

(though no one else sees anything). If the

target fails its Will save, it must then make a

Fortitude save. If it fails, the target dies. If

successful, the target takes still 3d6 damage.

Isn't it awesome? Just casting the spell means that the target takes a minimum 3d6 of damage. And unless it makes both a Will & a Fortitude save, it dies. It's a kick-ass 4th level spell. My DM used to read it as “The evil wizard looks next to him, screams in terror, and dies of a heart attack.”

I didn't prepare it every time, but it was a lot of fun to cast on the right target.

What's your favorite spell or super-cool weapon/tool?