The Eldritch Icons Project

This project was originally posted elsewhere. I have since removed my posts from that site as I no longer wish to be personally or professionally associated with the man who currently owns it. I have reposted the best here, primarily the Eldritch Icons project.

I previously gave an overview of how I imagine re-skinning the Dragon Empire of 13th Age to fit a Clark Ashton Smithian/Lovecraftian theme: Eldritch Icons. I plan to write pairings of a mythos entity and a default icon. I'll be doing them in an order that reflects how I see an order of emergence. The mythos icons would not supplant those of the Dragon Empire overnight. Rather, the campaign would be more insidious. This order reflects a move Westward, as though the new icons arose from the Iron Sea.

Eldritch Icons Posts

In the Posts

In the series of posts, I will:

  1. Describe how the mythos entity opposes the traditional icon,
  2. Give the background of the mythos entity, including suggested reading, and
  3. Suggest plot hooks and possible subservient creatures you could use in a campaign.

Because of the length that these topics would require for each pairing, I will be breaking each into two posts. The posts will then be added to this overall post so they can be tracked in one place.

As I noted in my first post on the subject, Smith, Lovecraft, and their friends and followers created worlds together. I will be drawing entities from all of these, although I will have a stronger focus on Smith than Lovecraft. In the background section, I will give bibliographic information from their creator's works and then that from other writers. Some entities will be more actively malignant and others will be more passive (or not malignant at all, serving as a counterbalance).